Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jack Crowley - Rodeo/Prisoner/Artist

Can I smell your uniform?


  1. This is sadly familiar and yet unfamiliar.

    Still this poses and movement in this pic?



  2. Ha! Yeah. It's a bit obscure. The Simpson family in an episode called "Pokey Mom" (season 12) went to the prison rodeo. Marge ends up teaching an art class to the prisoners. He was the most artistic. While she was teaching, this other prisoner asked to sniff her dress. Jack jacked him up. He ended up moving in with them and doing the mural for Springfield Elementary called Puma Pride. Principal Skinner hated it. He torched Skinner's car and ended up going back to jail.

  3. this is unbelievable. He's one of the hottest guys in Simpsons history, and you made porn of him :P

  4. Whoa! Really? (There's a few others ... Testify!Hippo attack. Roy. Duff Man ...) Yeah, he was totally hot. I think Marge even realized it, which is why she 'helped.' "Puma Pride!"

  5. hah, I know, Duff Man, McBain, the occasional security guard... and yeah, scene where he's working out shirtless in the basement and she comes down to do laundry? pure eye candy!

    *edit* omg also I can't believe you haven't done Johnny Tightlips and Jimmy the Snitch :3c