Sunday, October 10, 2010

Static & the New Aqualad


  1. *Gasp!*

    You made a NSFW version of that pic! I am so shocked! (but not really)

    Did the new cartoon start yet or is the new Aqualad in the comics? I am SO out of touch! O.O

  2. What is "NSFW?"

    I don't know if the new cartoon started, but I am SO there! I didn't even realize the new Scooby Doo had started. I'm out of the loop, too.

    But, I can't wait to draw more! Who's NEXT?!? (Gritted teeth and rubbing hands maniacally. Maybe a little sweat on the brow, too.) Mr. Terrific? Black Lightning? Cyborg? More Legionaires?

  3. I'm intrigued by this new Aqualad very very nice.

    BTW NSFW= Not Safe For Work